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Welcome to NSites – A brand-new, GIS-based, first-in-class search engine, designed for businesses and site selection experts to find the exact industrial sites and transload facilities they need, all in one place.

Until now, if you were looking for a rail served industrial site or a transload facility to expand or diversify your supply chain, there was no single-source destination where you could find all the information you need to identify the right site and make informed business decisions.

Now, NSites aggregates all of the information you need at your fingertips, in a single destination.

Similar to residential real estate sites that let you search for homes based on your desired criteria, NSites enables a customized search of rail-served properties by a number of filters like acreage, location, on-site warehousing and product handling capabilities, providing tailored results to help companies expand the use of rail transportation in their supply chains.

In short, NSites makes doing business in a complicated marketplace easier.


NSites features over 800 industrial sites available for sale or lease, and over 250 transload facilities, all verified by our team as rail accessible. We know that supply chain resiliency is increasingly important to businesses and every site location decision is unique, so we’ve designed NSites with targeted search and compare capabilities to help businesses find exactly what they’re looking for, even across multiple states.

Users searching for industrial sites can tailor their search by acreage, location, existing warehousing, proximity to interstates, major highways, intermodal facilities, ports, and more.

Those interested in diversifying or adding modal optionality to an existing supply chain can filter rail-to-truck transload results by commodities and products handled, as well as location, on-site equipment like truck scales and overhead cranes, warehousing, refrigeration, proximity to intermodal and port facilities, and more.

Once they get their search results, users can compare properties of interest against one another (and even download brochures and site data for offline decision-making) to find the site that is the best fit for their needs.


Descriptions of each site identified in the search results will offer key site characteristics, including zoning, ownership, contiguous acreage, and utility provider details, all of which have been verified by our on-the-ground team.

And when users want to learn more about a property or have questions about initiating rail service, NSites offers contact information for rail experts familiar with the specific site they’re looking at; not a general link to email someone far away and uninformed about the site itself.

Once you’ve connected with them, these experts will help coordinate your project from initial contact to delivery of your first railcar.

Once users have found a site or sites they’re interested in, NSites offers downloadable site data and presentation-ready brochures to share with other stakeholders or decision-makers in the site selection process.


NSites is a first of its kind service in the industry, empowering businesses with an online one-stop platform that provides comprehensive information about the rail served sites they need, at their fingertips, backed up by expertise they can rely on.