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Dimensional Shipments

Moving large machinery with substantial dimensions across America

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Norfolk Southern keeps your business moving by shipping generators, transformers, farm and construction machinery, wind energy, and other similar commodities. Depending on the type of machinery you want to ship, certain dimensions might require special handling.

When clearance requests are required:

  • Is your shipment over 200,000 lbs?
  • Is your shipment over 10’6 in width?
  • Is your shipment over 15’6 in loaded height?
  • Does the lading overhang the side sills or end of the railcar?
  • Does the length of the lading exceed 60 feet?
  • Is the load concentrated? (Is the load shorter than 18 feet?)
  • Will the car you use be loaded outside the plate as registered in UMLER?

If your shipment originates on NS and you require a clearance request, fill out a request form and submit it to for review. 

Clearance Request Form

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Getting started is easy.

Please be advised that beginning the second quarter of 2016 Norfolk Southern will require that all AAR tie down diagrams relative to approved shipment is approved by Norfolk Southern Damage Prevention. Norfolk Southern will not send a mechanical representative to the loading location until the diagram has been approved by Damage Prevention.

1.  Complete the clearance request form and attach a drawing of the lading. Email it to and copy the appropriate marketing contact. 

2.  Rates are determined after the NS Clearance Department processes and approves the request.

3.  Register at accessNS to arrange payment. A shipper can apply for credit with NS or arrange for pre-payment by wire transfer. Payment must be made prior to shipment.

4.  Shipper must locate a suitable siding for loading/unloading to/from the rail car prior to shipment. Shipper shall contact NS Industrial Development   to coordinate a track inspection by NS Engineering and secure permissions from NS Transportation to handle the load. Shipper must also arrange for logistics of unloading at the siding prior to shipment, including site inspection for verification of crane and truck access, DOT permits to move load to final site, execution of a Temporary Siding Lease Agreement for Hi-Wide loads, and providing valid Certificate of Insurance to NS Risk Management.

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