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Who to call

Main Number: 855-NOR-FOLK or 855-667-3655

Emergencies: 800-453-2530

Ethics & Compliance Hotline: 800-732-9279


National Customer Service Center: 800-635-5768

ExpressNS Mobile Issues

Contact NSS: 404-529-1527

General public

Crossing Gates/Signals/Rough Crossings: 800-453-2530

Environmental Spills: 800-453-2530

Quiet Zone Info


Earnings report, dividend payment dates, stock transfers, direct deposit of dividends, and address changes for stockholders: 800-531-6757

Job seekers

Technical difficulties while applying for


Mainframe, Wide Area Network computer problems: 404-529-1527, Bell or microwave or 800-525-2360

HR Helpdesk: 800-267-3313

Payroll Helpline: 7-979-5000 microwave or 800-624-4193

Web site issues

Problems logging in to accessNS

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Password Assistance
Call: 800-635-5768

Other technical issues with the