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Norfolk Southern provides premium shipping service and reliable logistics solutions for customers. In combination with business partnerships and connections with other carriers, NS ships every product imaginable to and from any destination, linking communities and customers to the marketplaces of the world.

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How Do We Ship?

  • NS can ship your cargo from Point A to Point B and beyond using its  extensive rail network and its partnerships with ports, trucking companies, and other railroads.

  • NS network

    NS operates 20,000 route miles in 22 states and D.C., serves every major eastern container port, and offers one of the most extensive intermodal networks in the U.S.

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  • Intermodal

    NS offers one of the most extensive intermodal networks in the U.S., connecting 58 major eastern markets to all of North America, and serving major U.S. and Canadian container ports, allowing shippers to move product around the world.

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  • Corridors

    NS invests in corridor initiatives to expand the rail network. Increasing freight capacity improves transit times and helps keep America competitive while creating jobs, mitigating highway congestion, and moderating fuel consumption and emissions.

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  • Short Lines

    NS connects with 245 short line railroads to serve the transportation needs of mutual customers.

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What Do We Ship?

  • Agriculture. Automobiles. Clothes. Coal. Electronics. Furniture. Lumber. Machinery. Paper. NS helps you ship just about anything.

  • Dimensional

    Got an XXXL load to move? NS hauls super-size shipments.

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  • Paper, Clay & Forest

    NS serves 79 paper mills and shippers and receivers of lumber, wood, pulpboard, paper products, scrap paper, clay, and municipal wastes.

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  • Metals & Construction

    NS moves aluminum products, bricks, cement, coil, copper products, Marcellus shale, and metals.

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  • Automotive

    NS is America's largest rail shipper of auto products, serving 24 assembly plants, 31 distribution terminals, three Just-In-Time Rail Centers, and four vehicle mixing centers.

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  • Chemicals

    Norfolk Southern safely transports chemicals used in manufacturing many types of household goods routinely consumed every day.

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  • Government

    Market research, efficient access to East Coast destinations, import shipping, and domestic distribution channels are just a few of the benefits available to NS-served government-entity customers.

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  • Agriculture

    NS delivers higher volumes with fewer cars and less congestion. NS also helps locate sites that meet your distribution needs.

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  • Consumer Products

    Chances are, NS has played a role in delivering consumer products to your household -- including appliances, flooring, beverages, fruits, and vegetables.

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  • Coal

    From mines to domestic and global markets, NS serves demand for coal-fueled energy.

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Where Do We Ship?

  • Shipments moving on NS originate and terminate all over the world. The NS network spans 20,000 route miles in 22 states and D.C. Connections with rail and trucking partners enable NS to ship goods to the West Coast and to Canada and Mexico. NS supports international trade by serving every major East Coast ocean port as well as Gulf and Great Lakes ports.


  • International shipping

    Connecting customers to the marketplaces of the world, NS serves 24 seaports, 10 river ports, and nine lake ports.

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  • Nationwide shipping

    NS offers transcontinental guaranteed service between the West Coast and both the Northeast and Southeast.

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  • Local shipping

    Strategically located facilities, including more than 400 general warehouses, support customers’ shipping needs. 

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