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Establishing Rail Service on NS Owned Track

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The steps below provide a general outline for leasing existing, Norfolk Southern owned tracks for industry rail service. For Dimensional Shipments originating or terminating on Norfolk Southern owned track, please visit our Dimensional Shipments page.

Step 1. Initial Contact Between Industry and Norfolk Southern

Contact your local Industrial Development Manager to discuss your rail service needs and desired location(s). Be prepared to discuss commodity type, anticipated volumes, origin/destination, frequency of rail shipments, etc.

Step 2. Internal Review & Approval

Many Norfolk Southern owned tracks are not available for lease and there are a number of commodities that Norfolk Southern does not permit to be transloaded on Railway owned property. Your local Industrial Development Manager will coordinate a review of your rail service requirements and suggest possible track lease locations.  

Step 3. Execution of Lease Agreement

Upon Norfolk Southern approval of the track lease, Industrial Development will draft an appropriate lease agreement for review and signature.  

Step 4. Track Repair and Inspection

Upon completion of any necessary track repairs, track(s) will be inspected by Norfolk Southern personnel and placed in service.

Step 5. Onboarding

Your local Industrial Development Manager will coordinate an update of Norfolk Southern’s internal systems, allowing you to order and receive railcars on the leased track(s).

Step 6. Rail Service to Commence