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Surplus & Scrap Auctions

Norfolk Southern’s Asset Disposition group manages surplus equipment and scrap auction sales. Customers may register for the NS E-Sourcing application to be notified when items are available for bid, and can login to view item details, photos, ask questions, and submit their bid.

Bidding Agreement

Customers must review and accept the bidding agreement in the E-Sourcing application in order to view auction items and submit bids.

Sales Order Terms & Conditions

Upon winning an auction, the Asset Disposition group will issue a Sales Order for the items won. Winning bidders are required to pay in full in advance, or to provide an NS-approved irrevocable Letter of Credit before items will be released for pick-up.

Sales Order Terms & Conditions

Download PDF 85.1 KB

Right of Entry

Customers may be required to sign an “Indemnification Agreement and Right of Entry” request form to access railroad property, in order to preview items for sale at auction or to pick up items sold.

E-Sourcing Auction Customer Registration Form

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