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Transload Network

NS Transload Network delivers efficient supply chain solutions.

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The Norfolk Southern Transload Network of strategically located facilities supports customers’ shipping needs. NS designs and delivers efficient, cost-effective supply chain solutions and door-to-door solutions for customers.

NS Distribution Solution Locator

The NS Distribution Network has hundreds of facilities available to provide customers without direct NS service the opportunity to ship on NS. If you need bulk transfer service at a location not listed here, NS may be able to provide solutions at one of the planned facilities.

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Bulk Facilities

There are three types of NS rail-truck transfer facilities:

  • Thoroughbred Bulk Terminals. TBT terminals are owned by NS and are the industry’s best rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail transfer facilities. Terminals are licensed and operated by independent contractors who are experts in bulk transfer and distribution. Most of these facilities have onsite personnel, security, truck scales, truck wash, inventory management support, and they’re open to qualified third party truckers.
  • Independent Bulk Terminals. These are independent companies, generally operating on private property and receiving rail service from NS. Individual operators determine what business will be handled in the terminal. While these terminals share many features as TBT, they do not adhere to their requirements.
  • Terminals on Connecting Railroads. These offer many top-quality bulk transfer features and are located on NS short line connections. 

NS has more than 400 general warehouses available.

NS has access to general warehouses capable of distributing a wide range of products. Most include inside storage for cross dock, outside unloading and storage, truck pickup and delivery, and inventory management tools for product level tracking.

Paper distribution centers push inventories forward.

NS has access to paper markets through its network paper distribution centers. By partnering with paper distribution facilities, NS offers cost-effective solutions and convenient just-in-time deliveries. NS works with non-rail served customers and those interested in forward positioning their inventories.

Steel distribution facilities handle steel and metal.

Many of NS’ steel distribution facilities provide heavy duty cranes, loading, unloading, storage, and access to trucking for flexible delivery capabilities. 

Independent lumber transloads provide efficient pickup and delivery.

Each lumber transload is strategically located near major consuming markets. Facilities are managed by the most experienced operators in the business to ensure customers receive efficient truck pickup and delivery.