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System Maps, Directories & Schedules

Browse System Maps, Directories & Schedules

System overview

See the big picture of how Norfolk Southern connects local communities to the marketplaces of the world - and points in between.

Norfolk Southern System Map Download (PDF)

Allowable Gross Weight Map

Norfolk Southern’s bridge and track weight capacities.

View the Allowable Gross Weight Map

Automotive vehicle distribution facilities

With just-in-time distribution systems and vehicle distribution centers, Norfolk Southern is a major hauler of motor vehicle parts and finished vehicles, serving domestic and international manufacturers.

View the Automotive Vehicle Distribution Facilities

Coal mine operations directory

Norfolk Southern serves domestic and global energy needs through a network of mine operations.

View the Coal Mine Operations Directory

Engineering curfews map

Norfolk Southern continually invests in our infrastructure through track maintenance and improvement projects.

View the weekly engineering curfews map

Grain customer directory

Whether delivering grain products to household tables or serving the poultry and ethanol industries, Norfolk Southern has the right facilities and equipment to get the job done.

View the Grain Customer Directory

Intermodal terminals & schedules

Norfolk Southern has developed the most extensive network of intermodal facilities in the East to serve the growing freight transportation needs of customers.

Visit Intermodal Terminals & Schedules

NS Distribution Solution Locator

With a network of bulk facilities, warehouses, and commodity-specific distribution centers, Norfolk Southern delivers supply-chain solutions.

View the NS Distribution Solution Locator

NS served paper mills

Norfolk Southern serves 79 paper mills strategically located throughout the rail network's service territory.

View NS-Served Paper Mills

Port directory

Norfolk Southern provides rail service to 24 seaports, 10 river ports, and nine Great Lake ports in the eastern U.S.

View the Port Directory

Short line directory

Norfolk Southern connects with 245 short line railway partners.

View the Short Line Directory