Wellbeing at NS

Wellbeing at Norfolk Southern has taken several forms over the past several years. Maybe you’ve heard of WellNS, maybe you walked around with a pedometer to count your steps, or maybe you’ve gone through a tobacco cessation program. For many years, our valued employees have had access to various wellness resources and programs, but to be honest, they have been a bit tricky to discover or even seemed a bit disjointed. We hear you. Norfolk Southern is renewing its commitment to employee wellbeing—and that starts with an explanation.

Wellbeing should be addressed as a holistic concept that touches every area of our lives. We owe it to our employees to explain exactly what that means, clearly state what’s available to you, and make it easy to find. We are excited to officially announce our Wellbeing program and the four components that comprise Wellbeing at Norfolk Southern: Physical Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, and Social Wellbeing. Keep an eye out for more information about programs and resources available to you in each of these four pillars!