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Success Stories

Sherree After

Sherree Jackson


Job Title: Chief Clerk, Engineering Maintenance of Way

Location: Atlanta, GA

Program: Weight Watchers

Sherree Before

TonyWhat has Sherree grinning ear to ear?

She has lost 105 lbs since joining our Atlanta Weight Watchers At Work group!

Weight was always a struggle for Sherree. She tried Weight Watchers before but decided to give it another go when a series was offered in the Atlanta office with discounted rates. The support of her co-workers made all the difference! She says "If I had to go to a meeting center, I probably would not have kept it up." Sherree later started running and completed her first 5k in June 2009. She now does several 5K's a year.

Sherree has since gotten married and now has a 9-month-old daughter who inspires her to stay healthy and active.

Way to go Sherree!