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Scott Morrow After

Scott Morrow


Job Title: Supply Chain Analyst

Location: Atlanta, GA

Program: Virgin Pulse, Weight Watchers, and coaching


Scott Morrow's blood pressure was so high his dentist refused to do a root canal. He knew then he needed a lifestyle change.

(Success) Story:Scott Morrow After that "Aha" moment in January 2007, Morrow shed 142 pounds by exercising and a change in diet. Earlier this year, his blood pressure was down to within normal range, and his doctor took him off the hypertension medication he once needed.

"My energy level is like it's never been before," said the supply chain analyst, who works with the Modalgistics group in Atlanta.

His feat earned him a write-up in "USA Today" and an appearance on "Good Morning America."

How does he keep healthy? He exercises three times a week during his lunch break at a health club across from the David Goode Building, takes daily 20- to 30-minute power walks, and shies from fried foods and fast-food eateries. He now favors salads, vegetables, fish, and grilled chicken.

For motivation, he bought a pedometer to record his steps. He aims to walk 10,000 steps a day - about five miles.

"Coming from a fellow who used to weigh almost 400 pounds, if I can do it, anyone can," he said. "It doesn't take any kind of fancy exercise."

His advice: Find like-minded neighbors or co-workers and walk or take exercise classes together. Having a support group helps, he said.