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Rob Hatton


Job Title: Dispatcher

Location: Piedmont Division Office

Program: Virgin Pulse


When Rob Hatton decided to change his lifestyle and lose weight, he went to his coworkers for support. Shannan Gilreath and Debbie Frazier, fellow Division Office employees, would walk with Rob at lunch or after work. In the beginning, it was a few steps, maybe 100 feet or so, before Rob would have to rest and catch his breath. Slowly but surely and step by step, Rob has lost over half his body weight (down to 270 from 630 pounds) and a total of 6 feet 6 inches from his body since December of 2013. He's come a long way from walking in the parking lot - now he does 5Ks, hikes eight miles on the weekends, and has started doing strength training at the gym. He is an inspiration to friends, family, and coworkers. His advice to anyone that wants to make a change: "[Weight loss] is not a short term race; it is a long term journey. You have to change your lifestyle... You will fall off the wagon from time to time and you just have to get up and get back on."