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Success Stories

Mud Run Picture

Piedmont Division


Team: Brad Graham, (Trainmaster)
Stephen Newcomb, (Trainmaster)
David Carter, (Division Road Foreman)
Pat Whitehead, (Division Superintendent)

Location: Greenville, SC

Program: Powertrain



WellNS can be a dirty job.

But Piedmont Division is up to the challenge.

David Carter (RFE) lost nearly 60 pounds after teaming up with co-workers to compete in a non-traditional sport.

Mud RunDavid had not given his personal health much thought before the Well•NS program launched but he began to realize that 265 pounds was probably not a healthy weight. With the encouragement of co-workers, he trained for and completed his first mud run event. Hardly child's play, four-person teams must start and complete a 4-mile course with 30 obstacles. David has particpated in several mud runs since.

While the team is now in different Norfolk Southern divisions, all have active lifestyles and the piedmont division is still particpating in mud runs.

Way to go, David & the Piedmont Division!