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Success Stories

Paul Meschino


Job Title: Machinist

Location: Chattanooga Diesel Shop

Program: Virgin Pulse & PowerTrain

Paul MeschinoIf you ask Paul Meschino what his motivation was for getting healthier, the answer is simple: His father. High blood pressure and cholesterol run in his family, and at age 50 Paul's father passed away from heart disease. When WellNS came to Chattanooga to do free health screenings in 2014, Paul discovered that his blood pressure and cholesterol were both high. Plus, he'd been feeling down for a while - it seemed like every other week he had a cold or sinus infection. Paul decided to make some changes, starting with exercising. Fast forward a few months, and he completed his first timed 5K in a quick 26 minutes! He's now eating healthier, participating in Virgin Pulse, training for a 10K, and says that he has more energy than ever before - that's what keeps him motivated.