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Success Stories

Mike After

Mike Stacks


Job Title: Electrician

Location: Chattanooga Diesel Shop

Program: Virgin Pulse, PowerTrain, Tobacco Cessation

Mike Before

In 2011, Mike Stacks was 45 pounds heavier, a regular smoker, and couldn't run half a mile. A coworker asked Mike to participate in a Power Train team for an upcoming 5K, and he gave it a shot. Fast forward four years and Mike has since lost the weight, quit smoking, and participated in many 5Ks, bike rides, sprint triathlons, and even an Ironman Triathlon. His personal accomplishments are impressive, but even more so is his attitude. He constantly encourages, helps, and motivates his coworkers to improve their health.

Mike petitioned his supervisor to allow him to use an unoccupied office as a WellNS room, complete with a Virgin Pulse HealthZone; handouts on getting active and eating healthy; and a community WellNS board for employees to post about group training and upcoming events.