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Success Stories

Marlene Kemp


Job Title: Coal Office Clerk

Location: Norfolk, VA

Program: Weight Watchers

Marlene Before Marlene After
Before                                                                                          After  

I had to go back into my weight tracker for my exact Weight Watchers start date which was 2/25/2012 at a weight of 252lbs. Before Weight Watchers I tried a workout boot-camp but I was getting heavier and heavier and the program didn't have an organized/standard nutritional food plan to follow. Then I began to look around at work and saw that some of my co-workers were transforming. I asked what were they doing and the response was that they were on Weight Watchers. Working the night shift would make it hard for me to do the check-in program so another co-worker explained the online program to me and encouraged me to try that. After losing my first 4 lbs (3/3/2012) in a week, I knew this was for me. I started changing everything about my lifestyle from how I thought about food to weighing my foods; drinking more water; even counting out my healthy snacks. I even changed my plate size and how I grocery shopped. Then I started seeing my old military size come back into view. My biggest reality was visiting my husband in Hawaii, where he is stationed, in April 2012. At that time I had already lost 18 pounds. That's when I knew I was making progress. Then I saw him again in August 2012 with a weight loss of 35lbs, and then by November 2012 (my birthday) I had lost 50lbs. The look on my husband's face was indescribable. After 20 years in the military, and most of that time being in food service, the portion control and healthy eating didn't register fully until I got on Weight Watchers this past year. If my husband and I had not taken family photos in January 2012, I would not have realized how much weight I had gained after retiring from the military in May 2008. In January 2013 my husband and I took transformation pictures to celebrate my weight lost. To go shopping in your own closet is a wonderful feeling, especially when some of the items still have tags on them!!!! Weight Watchers has changed not just my life but my lifestyle!!!!

I haven't tried the Virgin HealthMiles. Every so often I may get on my treadmill/elliptical at home but the biggest change has been my healthier food choices and smaller portion size.