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Success Stories

John Stout After
John Stout Before

John Stout


Job Title: Electrician

Location: Norfolk, VA

Program: Weight Watchers and Virgin Pulse


John achieved and maintained his goal weight earning him a Lifetime status.

What challenges did you face at a heavier weight? My pants were too tight. My feet and legs were tired after a long day.

What motivated you to join Weight Watchers? There is a strong history of cancer in my family. I knew that being overweight increased your risk of getting cancer. I know that being a healthy weight and active can prevent cancer. When I heard NS was going to sponsor a WW group at our work location, I decided to join.

How has losing weight positively affected your life? (health, family, friends, career, etc.) I started an exercise program when I turned 50, I am in the best shape I have been in over 10 years and I don't snore any more.