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Eileen Relford After
Eileen Relford Before

Eileen Relford


Job Title: Manager Supply Chain Technology

Location: Atlanta, GA

Program: Weight Watchers & Virgin Pulse


Eileen joined the Modalgistics team in October 2011. She noticed that most of her teammates led active lifestyles. They went to the gym at lunch, did boot camp before work, or tried to get some walking in during the day. This was unfamiliar to Eileen. "I knew I had a weight problem and did not lead a very healthy lifestyle, but I had never spent a lot of time around people that made a healthy and active lifestyle a priority."

Relford decided to take the opportunity to make some changes as well. She joined the Colony Square gym in November 2011, started going every day during her lunch break and started making some progress. However, she didn't really know how to eat healthily so progress was very slow. In February 2012, she joined the Weight Watchers' At Work series in the Goode Building (Atlanta, GA ). By attending the meetings, she learned (and continues to learn) how to make better food choices. She says proudly that "As a result, I've lost 60 pounds and am feeling better than I ever have in my life. And I'm proud of the example I'm setting for my children, my family, and fellow co-workers. Also, my husband and my parents have decided that if I can do it, they can too!"

She joined the Virgin HealthMiles program in March 2012 and she is now about 6,000 HM away from reaching Level 5 (December 2012). Virgin HealthMiles has definitely motivated her to be active on days when she doesn't really felt like doing much. "I try to get 12,000 steps and at least 30 active minutes every day. I usually spend a little time several nights a week jogging in place or around the living room while we're watching TV." The cool thing is that Eileen's 4-year old is usually right beside her jogging in place or chasing her around the living room. He thinks it's loads of fun!

When she joined the gym back in 2011, she set a goal to run in the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Challenge (5K) in September 2012. She had never been a runner so this was definitely a challenging goal. To train, she started running several times a week and used the "Couch Potato to 5K" plan to work her way up to running 3 miles. The first time she ran on this plan, she could barely run 15 seconds without being completely out of breath. But, she is happy to say, that she participated in the KP Challenge in September 2012 and ran the race in 33 minutes. "This is something I never believed I would be able to do before embarking on this active/healthy lifestyle journey."