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Dan Welch After

Dan Welch


Job Title: Sr. Piermaster

Location: Norfolk, VA

Program: Weight Watchers and Virgin Pulse

Dan Welch Before

What challenges did you face at a heavier weight? I found that I did not have as much energy as when I was younger, even just a couple of years ago, running out breathe faster. I live on 6 acres with 12 acres I take care of. We have an extensive landscape. Lori and I had even discussed selling the house if we didn't think we could take care of it as we get older. Also keeping up with my 13 year old son and climbing gangways onto vessels at work left me short of breathe and I had noticed that my blood pressure was on the high end of normal.

What motivated you to join Weight Watchers? I did not want to have to move, I had built this house with the vision that it would be my retirement home, a place for family, grandkids to always come back to. Also to be able to do the outdoor activities I enjoy with my son.

How has losing weight positively affected your life? I have more energy, able to work outside all day, play sports. I feel better and have a more positive outlook towards my appearance, which in turn has given me more incentive to eat better and start working out (walking, riding bike, weight training)