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Success Stories

Chattanooga Diesel Shop


Team: Left to right, Back: Daniel Davis, John Kirschman, Michael Tinker, Donald Knox, Timothy Caldwell, Ricky Allen. Front: Matthew Ridge, Eddie Howard, Bob Seal, Mike Stacks

Location: Chattanooga, Tn

Program: Virgin Pulse, Weight Watchers at Work, PowerTrain

Chattanooga Diesel Shop

Success isn't something that happens overnight - or without help - and the employees at the Chattanooga Diesel Shop know that better than anyone. From PowerTrain teams, to cycling and running training groups, to at-work Weight Watchers meetings, to a dedicated WellNS room, CDS employees have worked together, over the last five years to build a successful WellNS program at their location. It all started with a few employees making small changes to their lifestyles and things have snowballed from there. Enrollment in Virgin Pulse is encouraged for all new hires, weekly bike rides are the norm, and the Weight Watchers group brings in healthy treats to share at meetings. Another big change is the relocation of the Virgin Pulse HealthZone. Where it sat before, 2nd and 3rd shift employees didn't have access to the machine, which prevented them from knowing their numbers and earning HealthMiles with Virgin Pulse for measuring up. It's been moved to an office that is open 24/7, so now everyone can access the machine. Up next for the CDS: training for a triathlon, relay style.