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Casey Gaines After

Casey Gaines


Job Title: Conductor / Brakeman

Location: Roanoke, VA

Program: Virgin Pulse


What I like Most about VHM: What I like best about Virgin HealthMiles is wearing my pedometer and being able to upload my steps. Being aware of my daily activity motivates me to do more.

(Success) Story: When I started the Virgin HealthMiles program I weighed 255 lbs. Even though I walk quite a bit at work, I really didn't put any extra effort into improving my health. Once I began to wear the pedometer, I found myself consciously taking longer walks and choosing different paths that would increase my steps. I was even moved to the point that I joined a local gym and began to set long and short term goals that would benefit my physical health. Six months after joining a local gym, my weight is down 35 lbs and I have gained more muscle mass than ever before. When you make better physical health decisions, your mental health also benefits. No amount of money earned from being a member of Virgin HealthMiles can add up to how much better I feel today. Thank you for this opportunity and for making my life better.