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Look healthy + Feel healthy ≠ Healthy

Looking and feeling healthy are not reliable indicators that you are healthy. "Silent killers" such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer often have no obvious symptoms until it is too late.

An annual physical can literally save your life so they are covered under all NS medical plans at little or no cost. This coverage includes routine diagnostic tests.

Free health screenings are being offered at many large work locations and employee events. These are not a replacement for an annual physical but a valuable snapshot of your health (blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and cholesterol).

Once you know your numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index and other appropriate screenings), you may be inspired to make some lifestyle changes. A range of resources available to employees and spouses/domestic partners include:

  • Professional health coaches: with professional certifications in fitness, nutrition, tobacco cessation, stress management and back care, they will tailor a program specific to your needs. All communications are confidential. Register by phone or member website.
  • Well•NS member website: find a wealth information about diseases, conditions and health topics. Ready to take action? There are health assessments, instructional videos and even a virtual trainer to design a custom workout for you.
  • Weight Watchers: enjoy discounts on local meeting vouchers, eTools, At Home kits and At Work meetings.