Freight Claim, Casualty Claim or Overcharge Claim?

What is the difference?

Casualty Claims Handles any claim related to property damage or personal injury. An example would be damage to a customer’s facility.
Overcharge Claims Miscellaneous Accounts handles and involve claims related to freight bills issued by Norfolk Southern. Examples of overcharge claims include: rate errors, duplicate payments, over payments, weight errors, prepaid versus collect disputes, rule 11 versus through rates, or billing issued to the incorrect customer.
Damage Prevention Works with our customers to reduce damage to lading through education and discussion on how to best move product in the safest manner and damage-free. To determine what is a loss is the first step of Damage Prevention. Once notified, the Damage Prevention Department will provide the claimant instructions regarding the process of mitigation, salvage and claim resolution.
Freight Claims Handles claims related to lading loss or damage.

Casualty Claims

System Claim Office (SCO): 1–800–230–7049
Hours: Monday–Friday 8AM–5PM EST

Overcharge claims

Need to submit an overcharge claim? Start the process here.

Contact Us

Lorrie Wilbanks, Mgr Misc Accts
Ph: 404-529-1795
Roger Grimmett, Asst Mgr Misc Accts
Ph: 404-529-1794


Damage Prevention
If you are notifying NS of lading damage that is related to a railcar defect noted during/after unloading, you must also release railcar as Release Rejected Empty via Thoroughbred Pacesetter or manual release to OSS with the correct Rejection Reason Code/explanation

Notification of lading damage to NS Damage prevention is a separate function that does not involve releasing railcars or their subsequent handling for possible repair.

Norfolk Southern Condition of Carriage Rule 210 unloading and Release of Equipment at Destination.

To report damage? Start the process here.

Notification of Damage should occur as soon as possible. Note intermodal shipments are governed accordingly by NS Intermodal Rules Circular #2 Section 8.7.

Freight Loss & Damage claims are handled according to NS Conditions of Carriage & NS Intermodal Rules Circular #2.

Voice: 800–742–6313
Fax: 404–582–5363.

Other Railroad Contact Numbers

KCS 816-245-3191
Illinois Central 800-342-5424
Union Pacific 800-521-3253
Burlington Northern 800-333-4686
Canadian National 708-332-6697
Canadian Pacific 612-904-5898
CSXT 877-744-7279

Freight Claims

To submit a freight claim? Start the process here.

Voice: 800–742–6315 (select by Commodity type)
Fax: 404–658–2038

For manual freight claim remittance:

Norfolk Southern Corporation
1200 Peachtree St. NE 153F
Atlanta, GA 30309

After receipt of email with NS claim number, you may check your claim status by emailing

The following are instructions and documents to help customers with the Freight Claims process:

Tracking your lading loss claim

AccessNS provides Norfolk Southern customers with a single web based interface providing user-friendly informational support. Using accessNS will allow you, the claimant the ability to view and track the status of your claim.

To register for AccessNS, please fill out this registration page.

*If you already have accessNS sign on ability but need to view the Customized Reports design for Freight Claims Settlement please contact, or call at 1-800-525-2360.