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Get Back on Track

The company's Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) program offers help for Norfolk Southern employees injured on the job, or medically disqualified from service.

The good news is that even a continuing personal illness/medical condition does not necessarily prevent employees from working again. Through the assistance offered by the VRS program, many eligible employees are able to return to work. VRS allows employees to continue to make meaningful contributions toward their personal and corporate success as well as continue to provide financial security for themselves and their families.

VRS activities are customized to assist employees in meeting their individual needs. This may include evaluation of job skills, training, job placement, and/or referral to community resources. Depending on qualifications and response to vocational rehabilitation, program participants may be considered for placement within currently vacant positions within Norfolk Southern, or in some cases, coordination with outside job placement services may be the best option.







Vocational Rehabilitation Services Offers Employees A Choice

The Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) program is available at no cost for eligible agreement and nonagreement employees, including those on medical leave. Participation is entirely voluntary, and employees may leave or decline the program at any time.

Service activities may include:

  • Online career assessment
  • Vocational counseling and guidance
  • Education and job training/placement assistance
  • Referrals to state and/or local employment resources

How do I know if I’m eligible for VRS?

The Vocational Rehabilitation Services program is not available to those employees who have been medically approved to return to their current or previous positions, or where no employment relationship exists between the Company and the employees. Norfolk Southern Corporation reserves the right to amend or terminate the VRS Program at any time.

VRS Manager Matt Jones Explaining the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program

More information on how to get started

The VRS program is administered by the Human Resources Department. All service activities are coordinated and monitored by a nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).

Eligible employees who are interested in taking advantage of the program should contact:

Vocational Rehabilitation Services
800-552-2306 ext. 664-5047
Fax 757-823-5981

Download the VRS brochure.

Download PDF 4.82 MB



The number one tool for operational safety is an employee with a clear mind and a healthy body. NS offers confidential and free drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for employees and family members suffering from chemical dependency. NS wants everyone to work and live in a safe drug- and alcohol-free environment.

Access resources you need.

Through EAP counselors, you and your family can access a variety of confidential services:

  • Alcohol and drug-abuse counselors
  • Local programs, treatment centers, and hospitals
  • Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Narcotics Anonymous
  • Physicians who can help with substance abuse

Find a support group that’s right for you.

Your EAP counselor can help you find local support groups for overcoming chemical dependency, including local chapters of:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous World Services 
  • Al-Anon/Alateen
  • Narcotics Anonymous World Services 
  • Nar-Anon 
  • Cocaine Anonymous World Services 
  • Working Partners for an Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace