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General Information

If you would like more information about EEO policies at NS, please contact our EEO office toll free at 1-888-TALKEEO (825-5336) or by email at

Reporting Violations

Any employee who feels that he or she has witnessed or been subject to conduct that violates NS EEO policy is required to immediately notify their immediate nonagreement supervisor or the Corporation’s EEO office. It is not sufficient to report concerns to any other individual, including supervisors to whom an individual does not immediately report, supervisory agreement employees, or co-workers.

If you have made or attempted to make a report to your immediate nonagreement supervisor, but your immediate nonagreement supervisor is unavailable or is part of the complaint, you are uncomfortable with reporting the complaint to your immediate nonagreement supervisor or are dissatisfied with his or her handling, or you feel that the violation has continued despite your initial report, it is both your right and your responsibility to report your concerns to the Corporation’s EEO office. Reports to the Corporation’s EEO office must be made using the toll free number 1-888-TALKEEO (825-5336) or by email at