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Requirements for shipping Passenger Equipment

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Norfolk Southern has specific requirements and procedures for customers and short lines shipping Passenger Equipment in order to ensure safe handling.

Obtain Umler registration by calling 919-651-5038 or emailing

Ensure the Passenger Equipment has visible and properly stenciled alphabetic and numeric UMLER-registered reporting marks.

Equip Passenger Equipment with properly programmed, working AEI Tags that match UMLER reporting marks.

NS requires a valid credit account and prepayment of all charges before locomotive movement, and customers/short line partners must provide documentation of Waybilling, unit delivery, and revenue protection.

Apply for credit online, or make a wire transfer by emailing or calling 404-589-6107 or 404-589-6108.

NS will inspective Passenger Equipment free of charge if roundtrip mileage to the inspection site is 50 miles or less. NS will assess any charges in accordance with NS-8002-A, Item 6275. NS must have written authority to conduct an inspection as well as notification of the party responsible for payment. 

Inspections are subject to the availability of a qualified NS mechanical inspector. Order inspections by calling to 404-582-6950 or emailing .  NS will assess charges in accordance with NSRQ 4900, Rule 11. Obtain a rate through the Dimensional Shipment Clearance and Rate Request Form. If you have questions, contact or 757-668-1540.



Before scheduling an oversized shipment, please read the following guidelines:


For shipments that are oversized, by submitting a clearance request we can officially initiate the process to confirm that your load can be handled across the NS system. To submit your clearance proposal, log in to NSCORP.COM, go to the Excessive DimensioNS page and follow the instructions for submissions. We evaluate your submission and route according to your request and let you know your best shipping option if it varies from what you requested. You'll also receive a NS file number that you'll need through the rest of the process.

Note: Clearance requests must be submitted to the originating rail carrier. To submit your clearance request, you will need to establish your loading and unloading sites, then log in to NSCORP.COM.

Order Railcars

The next step is to request the railcars you'll need. To request a heavy-duty railcar, you’ll need your proposal number and the railcar series or equipment car initial and number. To order standard flats from Norfolk Southern, email:  To order Heavy Duty flats from TTX or KRL, email request to  Use the following format:

Railcar request:
Clearance File #:
Railcar series:  (EXAMPLE QTTX 130700)
Number of cars: 1 (ONE)
Loading location:  

Estimated Loading date: 

Note: Availability of railcars is subject to current supply conditions, so please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  If you are not sure what series railcar you need, you can view several different types by emailing and or

Loading Time

Once your railcar arrives, you'll need to load and secure your railcar according to the Association of American Railroads (AAR) Open Top Loading Rules. Contained within the AAR rules are specific diagrams for loading configurations, as well as the general rules that you must follow. To obtain a copy of the AAR Open Top Loading Rules Manual, visit the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. website, call 800-544-RAIL or e-mail

Note: It is the shipper's responsibility to correctly load and secure the load.

Inspection Day

All loaded oversized shipments must be approved before the shipment can receive final clearance and be moved. Inspections are subject to the availability of a qualified NS mechanical inspector. Order inspections by calling to 404-582-6950 or emailing   Please request your inspection at least 10 days in advance of your shipping date to allow for inspectors to schedule.


As a shipper, you must complete the Internet Bill of Lading on AccessNS. Be sure to indicate that the shipment is dimensional/high and wide on the IBOL and include the NS FILE NUMBER from your clearance proposal response. Origin, destination, and routing must match the preapproved clearance route. It is imperative that dimensional loads are not billed until clearances are accepted by NS Clearances. Safety is of utmost importance, and billing prior to an approved inspection can result in NS crews pulling an improperly secured load. The shipper is responsible for ensuring load is accepted prior to billing for movement.

Note: You can also submit shipping instructions via EDI.