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Demurrage Rules and Charges

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Demurrage is a charge assessed for the detention of cars by shippers or receivers of freight beyond a specified free time. Should customers fail to load or unload freight in the time allowed by the contract, demurrage could apply. Review demurrage rules and charges below.

NS 6004-D (effective 10/01/2017)

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NS 6004-D Changes (effective 10/01/2017)

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NS 6004-D Demurrage, Storage Rules and Charges (effective 07/15/2014)

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Supplement 1 (effective 07/06/2009)

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Supplement 2 (effective 01/01/2010)

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Supplement 3 (effective 01/01/2012)

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Supplement 4 (effective 01/01/2013)

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Supplement 5 (effective 04/25/2014)

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