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Access information on freight tariffs for transporting coal in carload quantities from stations on Norfolk Southern Railway to Lamberts Point, Virginia, where coal is transloaded onto vessels for shipment by sea.

Norfolk Southern Coal, Coke, and Iron Ore Tariff NS 1000

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Norfolk Southern Coal, Coke, and Iron Ore Tariff NS 1000 - Summary

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Coal Business Group - Loading Status (Excel)

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NS 2-P Coal Conditions of Carriage (effective 01/01/2019)

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Standard Siding Agreement

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Lamberts Point

NS 4007-G Tidewater Coal Tariff (effective 09/01/2017)

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Local Freight Tariff Distance Rates on Carloads of Coal Coke and Iron Ore

Review local freight tariff rates for carloads of coal, coke, and iron ore based on distance traveled by rail.

NS 4203-L (published date: 3/9/2022 | effective date 4/1/2022)

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Diversion and Reconsignment

Access details on freight tariffs for the diversion and reconsignment of coal and its direct products (coke, coke dust, coke breeze, and coke screenings) at stations on Norfolk Southern Railway. These rates apply to changes in car movements or billings requested by the customer.

NS 9037-I (effective 01/26/1992)

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NS 9037-I Supplement 3 (effective 11/12/2008)

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NS 9037-I Supplement 4 (effective 06/09/2011)

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Review coal and coke transport tariffs related to the following:

  • Customer failure to fully unload cars
  • Customer overload of cars
  • Blocking services
  • Delays in tendering loaded cars
  • Trainload cancellations

NS 9219-B (effective 01/01/2012)

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NS 9219-B Supplement 22 (effective 01/01/2012)

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NS 9219-B Supplement 23 (effective 02/01/2014)

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