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Bulk Distribution Tariff

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Norfolk Southern's bulk distribution tariff provides information on what to expect when shippers and consignees of services use a Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal. TBTs offer truck-to-rail and rail-to-truck transfer facilities

TBT facilities will handle dry and liquid commodities in bulk when appropriate infrastructure and equipment are available.

NS reserves the right to refuse to handle any commodity at its sole discretion. For more details on TBTs and the bulk distribution tariff, download NS 9328-O below.

NS 9328-P Bulk Distribution Tariff (effective 09/01/2019)

Download PDF 240 KB

NS 9328-O Bulk Distribution Tariff (effective 01/01/2019)

Download PDF 623 KB

NS 9328-N Bulk Distribution Tariff (effective 03/01/2017)

Download PDF 672 KB