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When you have a vision, the possibilities are infinite.

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The NS vision: Be the safest, most customer-focused, and successful transportation company in the world

Norfolk Southern believes having a vision helps create prosperity. It pushes boundaries, creates new possibilities, and challenges people to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to achieve goals.

Whether NS is developing new safety initiatives, providing reliable truck-competitive service in more than 200 lanes, launching the Crescent Corridor — one of the fastest routes from the Southeast to the Northeast complete with 30 new intermodal lanes -- or committing to a reforestation project to plant 6 million trees, the Norfolk Southern team is working hard to fulfill the vision.

Safety is not just part of the job, it’s top priority.

NS puts safety first always -- including first mention in its corporate vision. And while NS has succeeded in being an industry leader in safety — earning numerous safety recognitions — winning awards isn’t the goal. Safety is. Providing NS employees with an injury-free work environment is what matters most.

Here are some noteworthy safety efforts:

  • NS’ St. Louis Terminal—mechanical and transportation—achieved 1 million employee hours of reportable injury-free service. The St. Louis safety and service committee represented NS at the industry’s first AAR Safety Leadership Forum.
  • NS provides behavior-based safety training to help improve safety and customer service. The training emphasizes using positive reinforcement to sustain safe workplace habits and support continued safety process improvements.
  • NS participates in Operation Lifesaver, a national organization dedicated to eliminating highway-rail grade crossing crashes and trespasser incidents.
  • NS’ “Protect the Line” reporting program makes it easier for communities, businesses, and rail fans to report issues to the police.
  • The NS mobile app is an extension of the “Protect the Line” program and features the ability to track and report safety issues to company police.

NS’ values and spirit are unwavering. The NS SPIRIT values:


Safety. We put safety first by taking care of the people around us and following the rules.


Performance. We are performance-driven and committed to providing quality customer service. We act on facts and are accountable for results.


Integrity. We do the right thing. We are open, fair, honest, and straightforward. 


Respect. We believe in the importance of all of our stakeholders. We value the ideas and beliefs of our co-workers.


Innovation. We constantly seek new ideas and creative solutions to business challenges.


Teamwork. We believe that working together always produces the best results.

NS Spirit Poster:

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