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Update and Reminder: Upcoming Service Changes for Intermodal Traffic

Feb 04, 2019

As previously announced on December 7, 2018 and January 2, 2019, we are making targeted changes to our service offerings in an effort to improve service on the overall Norfolk Southern intermodal network as well as the effectiveness of NS – UP interline services.

UPDATE: Austell to Portland and TacSim Domestic Steel Wheel Service via Memphis
Effective February 11, 2019

In addition to the previously announced changes, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific have agreed to alter the routing plans for Domestic traffic originating in Austell destined for TacSim and Portland.  The new route will interchange to UP in Memphis via steel wheel service versus the current crosstown route over Chicago.  Please note that Austell to Salt Lake City traffic will also move via steel wheel service via Memphis as included in the original December 7th announcement.  This new route change will be effective Monday February 11, 2019 along with the previously announced changes.

REMINDER: NS – UP Interline Service Changes
Announced December 7, 2018
Effective February 11, 2019

Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific have jointly developed new routing protocols for our interline Domestic and International Intermodal services. The resulting service offerings will increase the amount of traffic that will utilize steel wheel interchange, particularly through the Chicago gateway. The westbound routing changes will be effective Monday February 11, 2019, and any traffic in-gated on that date or after will be handled in accordance with the new routing protocols. Traffic in-gated before midnight on February 10, 2019, will be handled according to the current plan.

REMINDER: NS Local Service Changes
Announced January 2, 2019
Effective February 11, March 4, March 18, and April 1, 2019 depending on the lane

These changes are designed to reduce train plan complexity along key routes, allow for greater operational flexibility, and improve terminal fluidity in key markets.  Please note that viable alternative routing options may be available via other nearby terminals.

Please review the details regarding all of these upcoming service changes in three separate tabs in the attached file.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact your NS Market Manager. 

NS Service Changes

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