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Service Disruption Update – Service Restored

May 31, 2020

Train service has been restored following the reported derailments in Cody, VA and Sprigg, WV. Due to ongoing track repairs, inspections and residual congestion, customers may experience transit delay on shipments moving in the following lanes over the next 24 hours:

  • Chicago <> Charlotte/Greensboro
  • Croxton <> Southeast/Dallas (KCS)
  • Norfolk <> Cleveland/Harrisburg/VA Inland Port
  • Norfolk <> Columbus/Chicago/Detroit
  • Rutherford <> Southeast/Dallas (KCS)

We encourage drivers to take advantage of our ExpressNSTM Mobile Application which streamlines gate and terminal processes for our drayage community. With ExpressNSTM, drivers can verify billing, submit pre-gate information, obtain parking and pickup locations, receive electronic interchange receipts, and submit bad order information.

More information about ExpressNSTM can be found by scanning the QR code below or by