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Service Disruption on Route to Vancouver – Ingate Closure for All Shipments Billed to Vancouver

Nov 19, 2021


There is currently a track outage in western Canada between Spences Bridge and Falls Creek, B.C. caused by heavy rains and severe flooding in the area. As a result of this track outage and to prevent congestion at origin facilities, NS has closed ingates to all shipments billed to the Vancouver market. This ingate closure applies to Domestic and International traffic routed through both CP and CN railroads.

There is currently no estimate on service return. However, updates will be provided as information is made available.

Norfolk Southern Intermodal provides 24/7 automated information services for shipment tracing, billing verification, and storage charges (including the Last Free Day) through our Touch-Trace voice response system at 800-497-2919. Customers and dray carriers can also utilize accessNS and ExpressNSTM for information concerning their shipments.