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NS – UP Interline Service Changes for Intermodal Traffic

Dec 07, 2018

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our interline services, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific have jointly developed new routing protocols for our interline Domestic and International Intermodal services.  Union Pacific has issued their guidelines for eastbound traffic. Norfolk Southern’s westbound changes are described below and in the attached matrix.

The resulting service offerings will increase the amount of traffic that will utilize steel wheel interchange, particularly through the Chicago gateway, and improve overall effectiveness of the NS – UP interline services.

The westbound routing changes will be effective Monday February 11, 2019, and any traffic in-gated on that date or after will be handled in accordance with the new routing protocols.  Traffic in-gated before midnight on February 10, 2019, will be handled according to the current plan.

The attached contains the Domestic and International matrices (separate tabs) outlining the new routing protocols for NS – UP interline service routes and how containers should be routed beginning February 11.  Please carefully review the matrix and discuss with your NS representative to better understand how these changes may impact your business, and find alternative routing options.

If you have any questions, please contact your Intermodal Marketing representative.

NS - UP WB Service matrix

Download XLS 94.7 KB