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Kansas City Update

Jun 11, 2019


Norfolk Southern continues to experience service disruptions to and from Kansas City resulting from the flooding of the Mississippi and Grand Rivers. At this time the Kansas City ingate, and all origin-facility ingates for Kansas City shipments, remain closed to prevent additional shipments from congesting origin terminals and the rail network.

While water levels are dropping, much of the route to Kansas City remains flooded and we are unable to advise when it will re-open. Norfolk Southern’s Engineering Department continues to monitor the condition of the rail network in the impacted areas and will restore service as soon as conditions allow.  

Until service is restored, customers should continue to expect severe transit delay on all shipments moving to or from Kansas City. To minimize shipment delay, we are actively working with our rail partners to exhaust all detour options for Kansas City. The outgate at Kansas City remains open and we continue to ask that customers make every attempt to outgate shipments from the facility to help create parking capacity.

All closures will remain in place until conditions improve. Norfolk Southern appreciates your patience and we will continue to provide updates as conditions change.