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Kansas City Temporary International Ingate Metering

Jan 12, 2021


In order to maintain supply chain fluidity at the NS Kansas City terminal, there will be ingate limits effective Monday 1/11/2021 through Sunday 1/17/2021. NS is asking our customers and drayage partners for their assistance in picking up traffic at the terminal.  Ingates will be accepted to the following destinations based on the schedule below:

  • Monday 1/11 –  Traffic to all destinations
  • Tuesday 1/12 – Ingates to New York/New Jersey
  • Wednesday 1/13 – Ingates to VIG
  • Thursday 1/14 – Ingates to NIT
  • Friday 1/15 – Ingates to New York/New Jersey
  • Saturday 1/16 – Ingates to VIG
  • Sunday 1/17 – Ingates to NIT

Please contact your Norfolk Southern Market Manager if you have any questions.

Norfolk Southern Intermodal provides 24/7 automated information services for shipment tracing, billing verification, and storage charges (including the Last Free Day) through our Touch-Trace voice response system at 800-497-2919. Customers and dray carriers can also utilize AccessNS and ExpressNSTM for information concerning their shipments.