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Kansas City Gate Closures

May 23, 2019


Flooding continues to impact train operations in the Midwest. Yesterday our primary route to Kansas City was impacted due to flooding in Hannibal, MO, and we began diverting trains through St. Louis in an attempt to minimize shipment delay. This morning our last remaining route to Kansas City became inoperable due to flooding in Palmer Creek, MO.

At this time there is no viable route to Kansas City and to minimize the impact on train and terminal operations the following closures are announced:

Effective 2:00pm CST today, the ingate at Kansas City will close to all loaded and empty shipments. Additionally, effective 2:00pm local today, all origin-facility ingates will close to all empty shipments billed to Kansas City.

The closures will remain in place until conditions improve. The Kansas City facility will remain open during the ingate closure and we encourage customers to outgate equipment from Kansas City to help improve parking capacity and increase terminal fluidity.

As a reminder, Norfolk Southern Intermodal provides 24/7 automated information services for shipment tracing, billing verification, and storage charges (including the Last Free Day) through our Touch-Trace voice response system at 1-800-497-2919. Customers and dray carriers can also utilize accessNS for information concerning their shipments.