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Inbound NJ Domestic Service Changes

Jan 21, 2021

As a step to better balance volume and chassis between our two New Jersey terminals, Erail and Croxton, we will be making the following changes to our services: traffic originating from St. Louis, Kansas City and Toledo will be made available at Croxton instead of Erail.

Please see the guide below for details on the changes.

This change will take effect for traffic making cut-off on Friday, January 22, 2021.


Terminal Change

First Cutoff at Origin

New Plan


KC > Croxton


1/22 at 17:00

14:00 Day 4

St Louis > Croxton


1/22 at 15:00

14:00 Day 4

Toledo > Croxton


1/22 at 19:00

14:00 Day 2

If you have questions, please contact your NS Market Manager.

Thank you for choosing Norfolk Southern.