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Derailment at East Palestine, OH

Atlanta, GA - Feb 09, 2023

On the morning of February 7, Norfolk Southern and its contractors were allowed to begin clearing the site where a derailment occurred on February 3 in East Palestine, Ohio. As of today, all cars have been cleared from the site. Service has been restored to mainline 2.

While this allows for a route through the site, customers should expect availability delays of at least 24 hours on shipments moving between Cleveland and the Northeast via Pittsburgh, PA due to residual congestion and continued efforts to restore service to mainline 1:

Customers that have additional questions may reach out to your respective Customer Logistics or Marketing representative, or you may contact the Norfolk Southern team by e-mailing For Intermodal Customer Service, please email or call 800-497-2919.

Customers may also create support cases online using AccessNS Case Management. Creating a case is simple:

  • Click the “Create New Case” button with in AccessNS
  • Enter the details of your question or issue
  • Submit your case

For help managing AccessNS, please contact the ExpressNS Helpdesk by calling 757-823-5252.

Norfolk Southern will continue to provide updates as available.