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COVID-19 Newsletter #1

Mar 23, 2020

Dear Intermodal Shippers,

Our business, along with the rest of the world, has entered dynamic and uncertain times.  As always, but in particularly in these times, we appreciate our strong partnerships that will enable us to work through these challenges together.  Our collective goal is to work with our customers to protect terminal and equipment capacity to keep the supply chains fluid. 

As part of this, please note the following:

First, we will be working closely with you all to maintain transparency and request your guidance as non-essential warehouses and distribution centers slow or cease operations in response to Covid-19.  This will greatly aid our ability in handling on-going, essential traffic that our nation depends upon.

In an effort to maintain fluidity across our network and to best serve our customers, we ask that you pull equipment at destination in a timely manner to help prevent terminal congestion.

Throughout this process, we will continue to keep open communications with you as the situation evolves.

Important information for Domestic Customers:

To help provide relief during this time, effective retroactive to March 16, 2020 and until further notice, the following will be in place:

  • We will adjust our EMP / TMXU per diem scale to be as follows:


Daily Per Diem Rate

1 – 20


21 – 30




  • We will waive fees for containers that were pulled empty from NS terminals and then returned empty to an NS terminal.  If customers pulled empty containers in the anticipation of a load that is no longer scheduled, we ask that they return empty containers to our ramps.  Please note that any applicable per diem will also be billed for the time the container was on the street.
  • For customers using private domestic containers with NS chassis, your chassis usage rate will be held at the base level for days 1-20, with escalations beginning at Day 21 as follows:


Daily Per Diem Rate

21 – 30




For NS equipment users, we understand that there may be increased dwell charges related to EMP / TMXU equipment and NS chassis usage due to the network impact of Covid-19, both at shipper and receiver locations.  In such instances, please reach out to your Norfolk Southern account manager as soon as possible with pertinent details.

Thank you for your partnership and for your immense effort in serving our collective communities during this critical time.