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Changes to rates and routings on lumber originating on the GFRR.

Aug 31, 2015


Effective October 12015 the GFRR will transition from ‘Handling Line’ to ‘ISS’ status.  This will effect lumber out of Perry, Fl and Moultrie, GA and will result in the removal of rates for traffic out of these mills from NSQ 43040 sections 3,4,6 and 8 and the addition of these rates into section 9.  Therefore, the GFRR will appear in the route i.e. “GFRR-ALBAN-NS.” Please reach out to the Lumber Pricing team with any questions.

On behalf of the Lumber Pricing & Marketing team:

Brian Vittur
Chris Levey

Daniel Juhasz
Market Manager Forest Products & Waste
Norfolk Southern Corporation
O: 757.823.5448
C: 757 408 1299
F: 757.823.5425