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Norfolk Southern offers five types of cars for shipment of commodities.

Boxcars (other than automotive)


Boxcars offer enclosed transport for major commodities such as paper, lumber, rubber, general merchandise, clay, beverages, canned goods, and plywood. They feature plug doors, which open with a hand crank, or sliding doors, which may require opening with a forklift.

Boxcar loading and unloading practices - Video

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Boxcar types: 50 ft | 60 ft | 50 ft high-cube | 60 ft high-cube | 86ft

Boxcar management (other than automotive): 404-658-2342

Coil Cars


Coil cars are gondola freight cars with a lading trough, cradle, or lading anchors and can be covered or uncovered to transport rolled coiled steel or rolled coiled aluminum.

Coal car types: open coil cars | covered coil cars | cross-trough coil cars

Covered coil car management: 404-658-3152
Open coil car management: 404-658-3151

Flat Cars


Flat cars feature a flat floor or deck lid on the underframe and have no sides or roof. They transport commodities requiring no protection from the weather.

Flat car types: centerbeam | bulkhead | specialized bulkhead | heavy duty/depressed center | general

Flat car management: 404-658-2012



Gondolas have low sides and ends with a solid floor and no roof and transport materials such as iron, steel, and coal that require no protection from the weather. Some gondolas feature higher sides for light commodities or are made of aluminum for coal service.

Gondola types: 52 ft | 65 ft | municipal solid waste | wood chip | coal

Gondola car management:

  • Mill gons (North): 404-658-3157
  • Mill gons (South): 404-658-3164
  • Municipal solid waste: 404-658-3565
  • Wood chip: 404-658-3565
  • Coal gons



Open-top hoppers handle bulk commodities such as aggregate, coal, or wood chips and feature floor sheets that slope from the car sides and ends to form a series of hoppers that when opened discharge lading by gravity. Covered hoppers have a permanent roof for transporting cement, grain, and other bulk commodities requiring protection from weather.

Hopper types: aggregate | coal | wood chip

Hoppers are available in four sizes: small cube | medium cube | jumbo | pressure differential

Hopper car management:

  • Covered hoppers – Grain: 404-658-2343
  • Covered Hoppers – Nongrain: 404-658-2295
  • Aggregates and wood chips: 404-658-3565
  • Coal hoppers

For more information


Senior Manager: Jeff Roton
Phone: 404-658-2216

Manager: Brian Sandberg
Phone: 404-658-2342

Gondolas and flat cars:

Senior Manager: Mike Rimer
Phone: 404-658-2176

Manager: Melissa Fennell
Phone: 404-658-2961

Hoppers - open and covered:

Senior Manager: Jeff Roton
Phone: 404-658-2216

Assistant Manager: Jennifer Seay
Phone: 404-658-2339