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What We Do:

Loading Specs & Diagrams

We recommend the use of AAR approved specifications and diagrams for loading all types of commodities in various cars and containers. The AAR specifications provide the requirements needed to properly load, block, and brace lading so it can withstand normal forces during rail transit. It is our goal to provide a safe, damage free environment for the movement of our customer’s products.

Customer Visits & Consultations

If a customer has questions or is experiencing damage issues with their product as a result of transit, they can contact one of our Loading & Securement Solutions Supervisors for consultation on how to properly load their freight. Additionally, our Loading & Securement Solutions Supervisors are able to visit their loading facility to provide onsite instruction and guidance. If we notice that a customer has frequent damage to their freight, one of our Loading & Securement Solutions Supervisors will call to discuss the issue and arrange a visit to their facility to observe how the freight is being loaded and provide suggestions to help reduce damage.

Load Adjustments

If a load shifts during transit we will investigate to determine cause. We work with our mechanical department, shippers, customers as well as third party contractors to adjust the lading so the load can move safely to its final destination. Depending on the cause of the shifted lading, the cost of adjusting the load may be the responsibility of the shipper.


The Loading & Securement Solutions Supervisor will assess the derailment, identify the freight involved, and determine an estimate of loss. Both the consignee and consignor will be notified as the cleanup and mitigation process occurs. During the cleanup process we work closely with our customer to assist in mitigation and salvage as needed.

For assistance with loading advice for new customers, or repetitive damage issues, please see the below contact list for Loading & Securement Solutions Commodity Managers:

Closed Car/Intermodal Loading
Phone: 404-658-2515

Open Top Loading
Phone: 404-658-2514

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Contractor Guidelines Brochure Download

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Shipper Loading Request Form

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Contractor’s Photo Inspection Report Instructions

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Contractor’s Load Transfer/Adjustment Report Instructions

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Reporting Damage

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