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Freight Claims

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To file a freight claim, please fill out the online Damaged Freight form by logging into AccessNS. AccessNS provides Norfolk Southern customers with a single web based interface providing user-friendly informational support. Using AccessNS will allow you the ability to view and track the status of your claim. If you don't have an AccessNS account, click here to register.

In addition, the system allows you to submit up to 20 attachments of supporting documentation, track the status of your claim, and if necessary, submit additional documentation.

Submitting all documentation at the time of remittance plays a vital role in minimizing claim handling time. Upon initial claim filing, please submit all supporting documentation which supports and will help facilitate the handling of your claim.

Be certain to include the following items when you submit your claim:

  • Your email address and phone number
  • Railcar/Container/Trailer initial and number
  • Documentation of good order at origin while loaded in the railcar
  • Did you speak with Damage Prevention about your loss? If so, provide details.
  • Shipper/delivery seal records, if applicable
  • Refrigeration temperature records, if applicable
  • A Bill of Lading and Invoice for claimed loss
  • Mitigation evidence and/or salvage allowed
  • Status of freight charges
  • Pictures or supporting documentation of damage related to lading loss

Please note that there are legal requirements for the content and timeliness of a proper claim for lading loss or damage.

Additional claim filing resources:

Voice: 800–742–6315 (select by Commodity type)

For manual freight claim remittance:

Norfolk Southern Corporation
1200 Peachtree St. NE 156
Atlanta GA 30309