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NS Reach

Infinite Possibilities with NS Reach.

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Historically, rail service has been a benefit only to lumber customers fortunate enough to be served directly by Norfolk Southern. For those customers limited to truck deliveries, in the face of an ever-changing supply chain, one solution is simply not enough.  Introducing:  NS Reach.

Norfolk Southern and Thoroughbred Direct have developed an intermodal solution for lumber shippers bringing rail efficiencies to destinations without rail service.

NS Reach is a seamless process and works in the same way ordering a truck does. With NS Reach you can order a delivery directly to your door, your freight rate from the saw mill incorporates a rail haul to within a short distance of your location and a transfer of your product to truck for final delivery to any location within 60 miles.

NS Reach looks like a truck so you do not have to change your standard course of business to accommodate Rail shipments. Order your material and let NS take care of rationalizing your supply chain.

Benefits of NS Reach:

  • Expanded reach of supplier and customer base
  • NS manages the supply chain through final delivery
  • Forward staging of inventory in the consuming market provides JIT capabilities
  • 30 days of storage at the interim transload location if required
  • NS Reach is presently available in these select markets: