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Scrap Metal Shippers Directory

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Company City, State State Services
A & K Railroad Materials Toledo, OH OH
A B Chance Company Centralia, MO MO
A-1 Specialized Services & Supplies Croydon, PA PA
AMG Resources Neville Island, PA PA
AMG Resources Hillside, NJ NJ
AMG Resources Corp Gibson, IN IN
AMG Resources Corp/Philips Metal Co. Sparrows Point, MD MD
AMG Resources/Heinz Pet Products Bloomsburg, PA PA
Aaron Ferer & Sons Greensboro, NC NC
Abe N. Solomon, Inc. Wilkes Barre, PA PA
Acme Steel Riverdale, IL IL
Admetco Inc Ft. Wayne, IN IN
Albany Recycling Services Inc. Albany (GFRR), GA GA Baler, Shearer
Alcoa Metal Sales Trading & Transportation Cressona, PA PA
Alcoa Recycling Co, Inc. Alcoa, TN TN
Allegheny Iron & Metal Co Inc Philadelphia, PA PA
Allegheny Ludlum Brackenridge, PA PA
Allegheny Ludlum Kiski Junction, PA PA
Allegheny Ludlum West Leechburg, PA PA
Allied Industrial Scrap Inc Youngstown, OH OH
Allied Industrial Scrap Inc Fairless, PA PA
Alter Recycling Co., LLC Pekin/ Peoria, IL IL
Aluminum Shapes, LLC Delair, NJ NJ
Amercord Lumber City, GA GA
American Axle Manufacturing Buffalo, NY NY
American Axle Manufacturing Detroit, MI MI
American Colloid Columbus, OH OH
American Colloid Troy, IN IN
American Compress Steel Clarksville, VA VA
American Compress Steel Bolt, WV WV
American Compress Steel Elmore, WV WV
American Compressed Steel Corp Cincinnati, OH OH
American Compressed Steel Inc Kansas City, MO MO
Anvil Enterprises Clito, GA GA Other
Arco Alloys Detroit, MI MI
Armour Equip East Liverpool, OH OH
Arrow Steel Products Inc Spartanburg, SC SC Baler, Shearer
Arrow Terminal Decatur, AL AL
Ashtabula Iron & Metal Ashtabula, OH OH
Atlas Lederer Co. Cleveland, OH OH Baler, Shearer
Azcon Corporation Sharpsburg, PA PA
Azcon Corporation Alton, IL IL Baler, Shearer
Azcon Corporation Chicago, IL IL
Azcon Corporation Federal, IL IL
Azcon Corporation Hegeswich, IL IL
BRC Co. Inc. Bedford, VA VA
Baker Iron & Metal Co Inc Lexington, KY KY Baler, Shearer
Baker Metals Greenville, SC SC Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Barletto Equipment New Castle, PA PA
Bay Ridge Enterprises, LLC Chesapeake, VA VA
Behr Iron & Metal Peoria, IL IL
Behr Iron & Steel - Burns Baling Div. Midwest Portage, IN IN
Behr Iron & Steel - Burns Baling Div. Portage, IN IN
Ben Weitsman & Son Inc Owego, NY NY
Berman Brothers Inc. Jacksonville, FL FL
Bermco Aluminum Birmingham, AL AL
Berry Iron & Metal Chilhowie, VA VA
Bertin Steel Wickliffe, OH OH
Beta Steel Midwest Portage, IN IN
Bethlehem Lukens Plate Coatesville, PA PA
Bethlehem Lukens Plate Conshohocken, PA PA
Bethlehem Steel Buffalo, NY NY
Bethlehem Steel (plant demolition by Brandenbg) Bethlehem, PA PA
Biltmore Iron & Metal Co Inc Biltmore, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Bish Enterprises Inc Siler City, NC NC Other
Blue Star Metal Recycling Co Elyria, OH OH
Brandenburg Industrial Service Bethlehem, PA PA
Brenco Inc. Hopewell, VA VA
Brenco Inc. Petersburg, VA VA
Brenner Iron & Metal Kernersville, NC NC
Bruce's Iron & Metal, Inc. Ridge, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Bruce's Iron & Metal, Inc. Gastonia, NC NC
Budd Company Philadelphia, PA PA
Buffalo Fuel Corp Buffalo, NY NY
Burns Iron & Metal Co Inc Fremont, OH OH Baler, Shearer
C & C Scrap Iron & Metal Inc Kings Mountain, NC NC Baler, Shearer
C & L Scrap Connelly Springs, NC NC Baler, Shearer
C. J. Langenfelder Gainesville, VA VA
Cambridge Iron & Metal Co Inc Baltimore, MD MD
Camden Iron & Metal Inc Camden, NJ NJ
Capitol City Metals LLC Indianapolis, IN IN
Carolina Recycling Group, LLC Lyman, SC SC
Carolina Scrap Processors Inc Anderson, SC SC
Cast Fab Technologies Cincinnati, OH OH
Chamberlin Manufacturing Scranton, PA PA
Chapin & Fagin Division GCF Inc. Buffalo, NY NY
Charleston Steel & Metal Co Charleston, SC SC Baler, Shearer
Chemetco Oldenburg, IL IL
Chrysler Industrial Foundry Indianapolis, IN IN
Chrysler Sterling Stamping/OmniSource Warren, MI MI
Chrysler Trenton Engine Trenton, MI MI
Chrysler Twinsburg Stamping/OmniSource Corp Twinsburg, OH OH
Chrysler Twinsburg Stamping/Omnisource Corp Bedford, OH OH
Chrysler Warren Stamping/Omnisource Detroit, MI MI
Co-Steel Recycling Advance Division Buffalo, NY NY
Coatesville Scrap Iron & Metal Coatesville, PA PA
Cohen Bros Rockport, IN IN
Cohen Bros Inc Middletown, OH OH
Cohen Bros Metals Co Connersville, IN IN
Cohen Bros. Columbus, OH OH
Columbia Steel & Metal Hamburg, SC SC
Columbia Steel & Metal Co Inc/Progress Rail Srvcs Columbia, SC SC Baler, Shearer
Columbus Foundry North Columbus, GA GA
Columbus Scrap Corp Columbus, OH OH
Commercial Metals North Chatt, TN TN
Commercial Metals Burlington-Graham, NC NC
Commercial Metals Co Lexington, SC SC Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Commercial Metals Co Chattanooga, TN TN Baler, Shredder
Commercial- Levin Burlington-Graham, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Consolidated Grain & Barge Naples, IL IL
Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc. Harrisburg, PA PA
Consolidated Scrap Resources, Inc. York, PA PA
Crandell Iron & Metal Sophia, NC NC Shearer
Cresson Steel Co Cresson, PA PA
Cronimet Corp Rochester, PA PA
Crown Cork & Seal Spartanburg, SC SC Shredder
Custom Foundry Services Greenwood, SC SC
Cycle Systems Lawyers, VA VA Shearer, Shredder
Cycle Systems Inc Roanoke, VA VA Baler, Shearer, Shredder, Other
D H Griffin Wrecking Co. Inc. Greensboro, NC NC
D H Griffin Wrecking Co. Inc. Spencer, NC NC
DSC Ltd. Trenton, MI MI
Daniel Cohen Enterprises Inc Hamilton, OH OH Baler, Shearer
Daniels & Miller Inc Greensburg, PA PA
Dobrow Industries, Inc. Muncie, IN IN Baler, Shearer, Shredder
E J Knight Scrap Material Co, Inc. Columbus, GA GA Baler, Shearer
E. H. Recycling York, PA PA
E. J. Knight South Columbus, GA GA
ELG Metals Chicago, IL IL
Eastern Alloys, Inc. Maybrook, NY NY
Edw C Levy Co Detroit, MI MI
Elg Metals, Inc. Schererville, IN IN
Elg Metals, Inc. Louisville, KY KY Baler
Elizabethton Herb & Metal Co Elizabethton, TN TN Baler, Shredder
Elizabethton Herb & Metal Co Johnson City, TN TN Baler, Shredder
Elkhart Metals Div. Sturgis Iron & Metal Co. Inc. Elkhart, IN IN
Ellwood Quality Steel New Castle, PA PA
Emesco Chicago, IL IL
Emfinger Iron & Metal Dothan, AL AL Baler, Shearer, Shredder, Other
Erie Forge & Steel Erie, PA PA
F.W. Zuckerman Clearbrook, VA VA
Fairfield Recycling Bunice, VA VA
Ferrous Processing & Trading Dearborn, MI MI
Ferrous Processing & Trading Detroit, MI MI
Ferrous Processing & Trading - Auto Shred Inc. Detroit, MI MI
Ferrous Processing & Trading - Schlafer Div LLC Detroit, MI MI
Ferrous Processing-Cleveland Von Willer, OH OH
Ferrous Processing-Cleveland Cleveland, OH OH Shearer, Shredder
First Street Recycling Dayton, OH OH
Fitzgerald's Auto Salvage Ellendale, DE DE
Foil's Inc Harrisburg, NC NC Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Ford Cleveland Casting Cleveland, OH OH
Ford Clipp Press (David J. Joseph Co) Buffalo, NY NY
Ford Clipp Press/Philips Metal Co. Bedford, OH OH
Ford Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN IN
Ford Motor Co. Maumee, OH OH Baler
Ford Motor Co. (Sharonville) Cincinnati, OH OH
Ford Motor Company Hapeville, GA GA
Ford Motor Company Chicago Heights, IL IL
Ford Sandusky Sandusky, OH OH
Ford Sterling Warren, MI MI
Frank Sherman Co Youngstown, OH OH
Franklin AB Plymouth, IN IN
Franklin Industries Franklin, PA PA
Franklin Iron & Metal Argos, IN IN
Franklin Iron & Metal Co Inc Battle Creek, MI MI
Franklin Iron & Metal Corp Dayton, OH OH
Freedom Metals Inc Louisville, KY KY
Fritz Enterprises, Inc Lurmet, MI MI
Fusselman Salvage Co Moberly, MO MO Baler, Shearer
Galbreath, Inc. Winamac, IN IN
Gann, Inc. Statesboro, GA GA Shearer, Shredder
General Materials Baden, PA PA
General Motors Moraine, OH OH
General Motors CLCD Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN IN
General Motors CLCD Kalamazoo Kalamazoo, MI MI
General Motors Lordstown Assembly Goodman/Lordstown, OH OH
General Motors Metal Fab. Mansfield Ontario, OH OH
General Motors Metal Fab. Parma Stamping Cleveland, OH OH
General Motors Metal Fabrication Grand Rapids, MI MI
General Waste Evansville, IN IN
Gerald Metals Bear Creek, AL AL
Gibralter Metal Buffalo, NY NY
Gilbert Iron & Metal Co Inc Steubenville, OH OH
Glazer Scrap Corp Richmond, IN IN
Goldman Recycling Oaks, NC NC
Goldsboro Iron & Metal Co Goldsboro, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Gordon Scrap Lexington, KY KY
Green Metals Georgetown, KY KY
Greeneville Iron & Metal Company Greeneville, TN TN
Griffin Wrecking Hill Top, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Grossman Iron & Steel Co St. Louis, MO MO Baler, Shearer, Shredder
HPM Mfg. Marion, OH OH
Hannibal Iron & Metal Co Hannibal, MO MO Baler, Other
Harmon & Associates West Point, VA VA
Harry Goldberg & Son New Brunswick, NJ NJ
Harry Rock & Company Cleveland, OH OH Baler
Heinz Pet Foods Northumberland, PA PA
Henry Fligeltaub Co Evansville, IN IN
Hickory Iron North Hickory, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Hickory Scrap Hickory, NC NC
Holmes Iron & Metal Spencer, NC NC
Hopewell Iron & Metal Co/HIMCO Hopewell, VA VA
Hugo Neu Schnitzer East Jersey City, NJ NJ
Huron Valley Steel Anniston, AL AL Shredder, Other
Huron Valley Steel Corp Belleville, MI MI
Hurwitz Company, Inc. Buffalo, NY NY
Hutcherson Metals Jackson, TN TN Baler, Shredder
Hutcherson Metals Milan, TN TN
I H Schlezinger Inc Columbus, OH OH Baler, Shearer
I Shulman & Son Co Inc Elmira, NY NY
I. Deutch & Son Cincinnati, OH OH
I. Schumann & Co. Bedford, OH OH
IBS Peoria, IL IL
IMCO Recycling Inc. Rockwood, TN TN
ISG Resources Charleston, SC SC
Imco Recycling of Illinois, Inc. Chicago Heights, IL IL
Indianapolis Shredding Co LLC Indianapolis, IN IN
Industrial Scrap Chicago, IL IL
Industrial Scrap LLC East Chicago, IN IN
Industrial Scrap LLC Indiana Harbor, IN IN
Industrial Services of America Inc Louisville, KY KY
Intek/Inkote New Carlisle, IN IN
Interstate Processing Girard, OH OH
Intl Environmental Louisville, KY KY
J & L Speciality Steels, Inc. Louisville, OH OH
Jackson Iron & Metal - Mid Star Division Jonesville, MI MI
Jacobson Metal Norfolk, VA VA
Jacobson Metal Suffolk, VA VA
Joe Krentzman & Son Inc Hollidaysburg, PA PA
Joe Krentzman & Son Inc Maitland, PA PA
Johnson City Iron and Metal Co. Johnson City, TN TN
Jordan Scrap Avondale, AL AL Shearer
Joyce Iron & Metal Columbus, OH OH
K & F Industries Inc. Indianapolis, IN IN
K Scrap Resources LTD Windsor, ON ON Baler, Shredder, Other
K&L Scrap Service/Goldsboro I&M South Raleigh, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Kalamazoo Metal Recyclers Inc Kalamazoo, MI MI
Kalamazoo Scrap & Processing Div-Sturgis Iron Kalamazoo, MI MI
Keywell Corp., L.L.C. Baltimore, MD MD
Keywell Corp., L.L.C. Detroit, MI MI
Keywell L.L.C. Croydon, PA PA
Keywell L.L.C. Fairless, PA PA
Keywell L.L.C. Midland, PA PA
Keywell L.L.C. Mifflin Junction, PA PA
Keywell L.L.C. Red Oak, GA GA
Keywell L.L.C. Chicago, IL IL
Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Detroit, MI MI
Kingsport Iron & Metal Co Inc Kingsport, TN TN Baler
Klein Brothers Louisville, KY KY
Kovalchick Corp Burnham, PA PA
Kroot Corp Columbus, IN IN Baler, Shearer
L Gordon Iron & Metal Co. Div of Gordon Indust. Statesville, NC NC Baler, Shearer
L. Gordon Iron & Metal Co. Kernersville, NC NC Shredder
L. Lavetan & Son York, PA PA
LTV Steel Hennepin, IL IL
Lake Erie Recycling/Louis Levin Co. Buffalo, NY NY
Laub Warehouse Buffalo, NY NY
Lear Seating Corp. Morristown, TN TN
Lee Iron & Metal Jonesboro, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Leheigh Heavy Forge Bethlehem, PA PA
Liberty Iron & Metal Co Erie, PA PA
Lincoln Electric Cleveland, OH OH
Lobdell Emery Argos, IN IN
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Co Lansing, MI MI
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Co. Grand Rapids, MI MI
Louisville Scrap Metal-Div of Progress Rail Serv. Louisville, KY KY Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Lowe Metals North Wilkesboro, NC NC Other
Lucas-Varity - Kelsey Hayes Kingsway, OH OH
Lynchburg Foundry Lynchburg, VA VA
M Goldstein & Sons Inc Griffin, GA GA Baler, Shearer
M Weingold & Co - Campbell Road Cleveland, OH OH Baler
M Weingold & Co. E. 91st St. Cleveland, OH OH Baler
M. Glosser & Sons, Inc. Johnstown, PA PA
MTB Products Martin, TN TN
Macon Iron & Paper Stock Macon, GA GA
Macon Iron & Paper Stock Swainsboro, GA GA Other
Macon Iron & Paper Stock Americus, GA GA Other
Mainline Recycling Co LLC Cincinnati, OH OH
Manitoba Corp Lancaster, NY NY
Marbi Inc. St. Louis, MO MO
Marion Steel Co-Scrap Division Marion, OH OH
Mars Industries, Inc Detroit, MI MI Shearer
Martinsville Iron & Steel Co Inc Martinsville, VA VA Other
Maryland Metals Inc Hagerstown, MD MD
Maryland Pig Service Sparrows Point, MD MD
Max B. Mullins Salvage Karnes, IL IL
Mayer Pollock Steel Corp Pottstown, PA PA
Mayfield Salvage Inc. Alexander City, AL AL
McConway & Torley Pittsburgh, PA PA
McCook Metals McCook, IL IL
Meco Corporation Greeneville, TN TN Other
Mercer Company Sharon, PA PA
Mercer Wrecking Recycling Corp Trenton, NJ NJ
Mervis & Sons, Div. Mervis Industries Inc. Kokomo, IN IN Shearer, Shredder, Other
Mervis Iron & Metal Div. Of Mervis Industries Danville, IL IL
Metal Management West Elizabeth, PA PA
Metal Management - OH Cleveland, OH OH
Metal Management -OH Inc Bryan, OH OH
Metal Management Midwest, Inc., Cozzi Div. Chicago, IL IL
Metal Management Midwest, Inc., Reserve Div. Chicago, IL IL
Metal Management-Northeast Inc. Newark, NJ NJ
Metal Management-Northeast Inc. Port Newark, NJ NJ
Metal Recyclers of Ky Lexington, KY KY
Metals Mgmt Attalla, AL AL Other
Metro Alloys, Inc. East Point, GA GA Baler, Shearer
Meyers Bros Goldsboro, NC NC
Mid-South Terminals Chattanooga, TN TN
Midwest Iron & Metal Co Inc Dayton, OH OH
Midwest Metallics Argo , IL IL
Midwest Steel & Alloy Youngstown, OH OH
Midwest Steel, Div. Of National Steel Midwest Portage, IN IN
Milano Metals & Recycling Mt. Vernon, IL IL Baler, Shearer
Miles Jennings Elizabeth City, NC NC
Milliron Iron & Metal Inc. Mansfield, OH OH
Milton Can Ancor, OH OH
Minerva Aluminum Co. Inc. Minerva , OH OH
Mintz Scrap Iron & Metal Co, Inc. Spartanburg, SC SC
Montgomery Iron & Metal Montgomery, AL AL Baler, Shearer
Morris Iron & Metal Co Inc Philadelphia, PA PA
Morris Tick Co Inc. Bloomington, IL IL
Morristown Shredding Morristown, TN TN
Mose Cohen & Sons Co Cincinnati, OH OH
Moskowitz Brothers Cincinnati, OH OH
Mt. Airy Iron & Metal Mt. Airy, NC NC Other
Muskingum Iron & Metal New Lexington, OH OH
Myer Levin & Sons, Inc. Warsaw, IN IN
Myers Brothers Inc Greensboro, NC NC Baler, Shearer, Other
N. Coast Ferrous Cleveland, OH OH
NC Salvage Co Inc Goldsboro, NC NC
National Material Trading Chicago, IL IL
Neville Metals Neville Island, PA PA
Newell Recycling of Atlanta, Inc. East Point, GA GA Baler, Shearer, Shredder, Other
Newell Recycling of Atlanta, Inc. Doraville, GA GA Shredder
Newport Steel (non-competitive only) Cincinnati, OH OH Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Newton Recycling Inc. Covington, GA GA Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Niles Iron & Metal Co Inc Niles, OH OH
North Star Recycling Co. - Ohio Steel Div. Youngstown, OH OH
Novolog Bucks County, Inc. Fairless, PA PA
OmniSource Corp - Ferrous Div Ft. Wayne, IN IN Baler, Shearer, Shredder
OmniSource Corp - Goshen Div Goshen, IN IN
OmniSource Corp - Marion Div. Marion, IN IN Baler, Shearer
OmniSource Corp - Mid Ohio Group - Lima Div. Lima, OH OH
OmniSource Corp - Mid Ohio Group - Mansfield Div. Mansfield, OH OH
OmniSource Corp - Non Ferrous Div Ft. Wayne, IN IN
OmniSource Corp - Stainless Div Ft. Wayne, IN IN
OmniSource Corp. Argos, IN IN
OmniSource Corp. East Chicago, IN IN
OmniSource Corp. - Northern Ohio Group Toledo, OH OH Baler, Shearer, Shredder, Other
OmniSource/Jackson Iron & Metal Adrian, MI MI
OmniSource/Jackson Iron & Metal Jackson, MI MI Baler, Shearer
Omnisource Butler, IN IN
Osco Industries Portsmouth, OH OH
Oxford Scrap Metal Anniston, AL AL Shearer, Other
P J Greco Sons Inc Tarentum, PA PA
PSC METALS North Birmingham, AL AL Baler, Shearer, Shredder
PSC Metals Chattanooga, TN TN Shredder
PSC Metals Inc./Knox Metal Knoxville, TN TN Shredder
PSC Metals Inc./Southern Alloys Rockwood, TN TN Baler, Shearer, Shredder
PSC Metals/Southern Alloys Emory Gap, TN TN Baler, Shredder
Parkwood Iron & Metal Cleveland, OH OH Baler, Shearer
Peanut City Iron & Metal/Recycling Industries Inc Suffolk, VA VA
Penn Recycling Inc Williamsport, PA PA
Pennsylvania Steel Technologies (Beth Steel) Steelton, PA PA
Perlco Memphis, TN TN Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Philip Metals Granite City, IL IL Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Philip Metals Burns Harbor, IN IN
Philip Metals Inc North Warren, OH OH
Philip Metals Inc Warren, OH OH
Philip Metals Inc Coatesville, PA PA
Philip Metals Inc Canton, OH OH
Philip Metals Inc Cleveland, OH OH
Philip Metals Inc Mansfield, OH OH
Philip Metals, Inc. Steelton, PA PA
Philip Metals, Inc./McKinley Iron St. Louis, MO MO Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Pickands Mather Chicago, IL IL
Piedmont Plate Processing Newton, NC NC Other
Pittsburgh Industrial Terminal Ambridge, PA PA
Pohl Corp. Reading, PA PA
Pollock Reading Inc/Mayer Pollock Steel Co Temple, PA PA
Profile Extrusion Co. Boonville, IN IN
Progress Rail/LSM Roanoke, VA VA
Protec Company Leipsic Jct., OH OH Shearer
Pyromet Alloys, Inc. Latrobe, PA PA
Pyromet Alloys, Inc. McKee's Rocks, PA PA
Quemetco Indianapolis, IN IN
R&R Salvage Buffalo, NY NY
RSR (Revere Smelting & Refining Corp) Middletown, NY NY
Raleigh Junk Charleston, WV WV
Raleigh Junk Midwest, WV WV
Raleigh Junk Nitro, WV WV
Raleigh Junk Sattes, WV WV
Raleigh Metals Processors Raleigh, NC NC
Raymond Goldman & Co. Inc. New Bern, NC NC Shearer
Recycle Metals Swedeland, PA PA
Recycling Center, Inc. Richmond, IN IN
Regional Recycling Tallapoosa, GA GA
Regional Recycling Attalla, AL AL Baler, Shearer
Regional Recycling Birmingham, AL AL Shearer
Regional Recycling Atlanta, GA GA Baler, Shearer
Republic Alloys Sub of Recycling Industries, Inc. Charlotte, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Republic Technologies Buffalo, NY NY
Republic Technologies, Inc. Massillon, OH OH
Reserve Marine Terminals Chicago, IL IL
Reynolds Metals Bristol, VA VA Other
Rice Iron & Metal Valdosta, GA GA
River City Shredding Louisville, KY KY
River Metals Recycling LLC DBA Klempner Bros Louisville, KY KY Shearer
Riverside Recycling Inc New Albany, IN IN
Rossborough Mfg Walkerton, IN IN
Rouge Steel Dearborn, MI MI
Royal Green Corp Temple, PA PA
S & R Enterprises Wabash, IN IN
S D Richman Sons Inc Philadelphia, PA PA
S H Bell East Liverpool, OH OH
SMC Recycling Inc Selmer, TN TN Baler, Shearer
SMI Lexington, SC SC
SMI Steel Woodlawn, AL AL
Sable Industries Montgomery, AL AL Baler, Shearer
Sam Mindlin & Son, Inc. Franklin, OH OH
Savannah Steel Oakwood, SC SC
Savannah Steel & Metal Co Savannah, GA GA Shearer
Schiabo-Larovo Co. Div of Hugh Neu Schnitzer E. Jersey City, NJ NJ
Seaton Iron & Metal Co Inc Athens, TN TN
Second Street Metals Div of Hugh Neu Schnitzer E Plainfield, NJ NJ
Shulimson Brothers Asheville, NC NC
Silgan Containers Corporation Edison, NJ NJ
Simmons Metal Greenville, SC SC
Sims Brothers Inc Marion, OH OH Baler, Shearer
Singer Transport Buffalo, NY NY
Singer Transport Lackawanna, NY NY
Slesnick Iron & Metal Inc Canton, OH OH
Smith Iron & Metal Ridge, NC NC
Smith Metal & Iron Leslie, SC SC
Smith Metal & Iron Co Rock Hill, SC SC
Sol Tick & Company Decatur, IL IL Baler, Shearer
Somerset Scrap Somerset, KY KY Baler, Shredder, Other
South Bend Scrap & Processing South Bend, IN IN
Southern Foundry Knoxville, TN TN
Southern Metals Cherry Point, NC NC
Southern Metals Co Charlotte, NC NC Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Southern Salvage Harriman, TN TN
Southern Scrap Meridian, MS MS Baler, Shearer
Spartanburg Iron & Metal Greenville, SC SC Baler
Spartanburg Iron & Metal Spartanburg, SC SC Baler, Shearer
St. Louis Auto Shredders St. Louis, MO MO
St. Louis Auto Shredders National City, IL IL
Staiman Bros Avis, PA PA
Staiman Bros Inc Williamsport, PA PA
Staker Alloys Inc Springfield, OH OH
Stateline Scrap Back River, MD MD
Sturgis Iron & Metal South Bend, IN IN
Swainsboro Industrial Recycling Mcrae, GA GA
Swainsboro Industrial Recycling Swainsboro, GA GA
Sykes Brothers Eden, NC NC
TH Snipes Rock Hill, SC SC Baler, Shearer
Tenn. Valley Recycling Decatur, AL AL Baler, Shearer, Shredder
Tenn. Valley Recycling Huntsville, AL AL
Tenn. Valley Recycling Sheffield, AL AL Baler, Shearer
Tennesse Metals Knoxville, TN TN
The David J. Joseph Company Carroll, TN TN Shearer, Shredder
The Waylite Corporation Bethlehem, PA PA
Tomson Scrap Natrona, PA PA
Trenton Iron & Metal Corp Trenton, NJ NJ
Tri-City Scrap Louisville, KY KY
Tube City Fairless, PA PA
Tube City Munhall/West Mifflin, PA PA
Tube City, Inc. Ecorse, MI MI
Twin City Iron & Metal Inc Bristol, VA VA Baler, Shearer
Twin Valley Salvage Co. Inc. Cheektowaga, NY NY
United Alloys Ithaca, NY NY
United Alloys & Steel Corp Buffalo, NY NY
United Scrap Inc Charlotte, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Upstate Shredding L.L.C. Owego, NY NY
V. H. Holmes Richmond, VA VA
Vinton Scrap Vinton, VA VA Shearer
WB Simmons Greenville, SC SC Other
Wabash Alloys LLC Wabash, IN IN
Wabash Alloys LLC, Tipton Div Tipton, IN IN
Wabash Alloys, LLC, Cleveland Div. Cleveland, OH OH
Wallace Industries Ithaca, NY NY
Wallach Iron & Metal, Inc. St. Louis, MO MO
Waste Recycling of Opelika Opelika, AL AL
Webb Metals Ltd Dallas, NC NC Baler, Shearer
Weirton Steel Weirton, WV WV
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Steubenville, OH OH
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Yorkville, OH OH
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Allenport, PA PA
Winston Bros Iron & Metal Co Detroit, MI MI
Winston Morrow Detroit, MI MI
Wooster Iron & Metal Co Wooster, OH OH
Youngstown Iron & Metal Youngstown, OH OH
Zalev Brothers Co Windsor, ON ON Baler, Shearer, Shredder, Other
Zuckerman Co., Inc. Winchester, VA VA