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Technology improves efficiency, safety, and reliability.

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Norfolk Southern uses technology to improve scheduling, decisionmaking, and performance measurement. By continually adopting technology, NS is improving overall efficiency for our customers’ shipments.

Unified Train Control System (UTCS)

Developed by NS and General Electric, UTCS is a seamless transportation management system that allows planners to create virtual simulations of the NS network. This helps to optimize train flows and enhance ontime performance.

Optimized Train Control (OTC)

By combining data communications, onboard computers, and train movement and positioning systems with locomotive control systems, OTC helps enhance visibility of network operating condition. It also provides safer, more efficient train operations.


LEADER is an integral part of OTC. It provides locomotive engineers with real-time train operating conditions data. Made up of an on-board computer, LEADER calculates and displays the optimum speed to operate the train depending on topography, track curvatures, the train’s length and weight, and other operating conditions. LEADER supports our sustainability efforts by reducing overall fuel consumption. It also minimizes in-train dynamic forces.

Remote Intelligent Terminal (RIT)

RIT provides live data to rail yard employees via a wireless device. This allows railcar inventory to move more efficiently. Conductor work is identified and relayed to the wireless devices to help routinely process work orders.