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NS intermodal is good for business and the environment.

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At Norfolk Southern, everything we do is connected. The tracks we lay down are connected to the towns that surround them. Our business is connected to jobs, economics, environmental benefits, and more efficient delivery of goods.

These connections are why NS is working to achieve a long-term sustainable balance between our business needs and the impact of railroad operations on the environment. NS’ intermodal business is one way we are working to achieve this.

One intermodal double-stack train can remove up to 300 trucks off congested highways. Not only does this mean less traffic for all, it means less pollution, improved fuel conservation, and less stress on highways—which reduces road repair costs. 

Intermodal helps NS do its part.

  • NS’ intermodal offers truck-competitive shipping options that save hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel annually
  • NS locomotive engines are more fuel efficient and cleaner burning
  • NS’ rail terminal in Meridian, Miss. uses 100% renewable diesel fuel and became the first railroad to deploy alternative fuel
  • NS is working to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% per revenue ton-mile by 2014
  • NS’ corridor initiatives allow intermodal trains to carry international goods while reducing mileage and greenhouse gas emissions
  • NS developed a carbon mitigation strategy that involves working with private and public partnerships to mitigate the environmental impact of our business