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NS Safety

Safety is the cornerstone to our business.

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At Norfolk Southern, safety is our top priority. The entire NS workforce, from top executives to train crews, strives to maintain the safest operating environment possible. When accidents do occur, we believe in sharing information so everyone can learn from the experience. 

NS’ safety efforts help our team and the community.

NS is continuously finding new ways to improve our safety efforts. Here are some examples of our efforts.

  • NS has improved its internal safety processes by emphasizing leading indicators of safety processes, such as our employees’ attitudes, the quality of safety checkups, and job safety briefings. By focusing on behavior-based safety and providing positive feedback, workplace safety processes are improving.
  • The NS’ St. Louis committee recently oversaw the design and development of a container door tool that can close the doors of intermodal containers when employees are standing on the ground. This has helped keep freight moving and prevented potential injury from employees mounting and dismounting.
  • “Protect NS” is part of NS’ mobile app and allows users to report safety issues on NS lines and the option of contacting the police directly.