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Mexico - TMX and EMP

Ship to Mexico with NS.

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Norfolk Southern makes shipping to and from Mexico convenient and stress-free. NS offers customers both domestic containers and rail-controlled containers to support business needs.

Save with rail-controlled containers.

TMX is the first rail-controlled container program that connects Central Mexico, the Southeast, and the Crescent Corridor while offering transit-competitive service. As a joint transborder intermodal service between Norfolk Southern and Kansas City Southern, TMX helps customers save on ramp-to-ramp and door-to-door service across borders. 

Administered by REZ-1, TMX offers containers marked TMXU for intermodal shipments between Atlanta, Salinas Victoria (Monterrey), Interpuerto (San Luis Potosi), and Puerta Mexico (Toluca). And expanded service now includes new terminals at Birmingham, Ala., and Greencastle, Pa.

Other benefits of using TMX:

  • Get truck-competitive, unbundled ramp-to-ramp rates
  • Enjoy peace of mind with efficient customs clearance both North and Southbound
  • Get door-to-door  options with Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services
  • Ship efficiently between Mexico, the Southeast, and the Crescent Corridor

Ship with a superior domestic container program.

EMP is one of the largest service networks for intermodal domestic containers. It connects Mexico with the Northeast via UP and KCSM, and the Northeast to Monterrey via UP and Ferromex (FXE).

EMP provides customers access to an equipment fleet of more than 30,000 containers and chassis. Plus, EMP offers the flexibility to use the equipment in dedicated assigned service or on a free-running basis as needed.

Mexican customs regulations

Shippers shipping to or from Mexico must comply with all relevant US and Mexican customs regulations. This requires preparation before shipment and en route coordination with US and Mexican customs brokers. 

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